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They have an unusual issue of essentially just being a fancy redirect to other websites passing form information along. As such, they are required to have a "one-size-fits-all" web form to filter onto other websites. Here's what they had to say on the matter.

I would advise to avoid choosing a title that doesn't match your legal sex to avoid potential complications in the event of needing to claim on the insurance. Your mileage may vary and I am not a lawyer. If you are feeling particularly proactive, sign up with the "wrong" gendered option and then ask your insurance company to fix it in the period after signing up and before the cover is active, explaining why. I do that with each insurance company I use, with varying reactions.

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As much as I appreciate these responses, there's more these comparison websites can do to help if they really want to. Hey, if any insurance comparison sites are reading this, maybe drum up some publicity by letting people select non-binary gender and then add an icon or something next to the providers that don't require the info, then bring up the question later if the user picks a provider that does require it. Maybe even add a filter to only show providers that respect non-binary gender choices. If the cost difference isn't too much, I'd even consider paying a bit more (I shouldn't need to, but it would save hassle further down the line).

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