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Who lets you be non-binary

Here's the website where I write down my experiences trying to maintain a non-binary identity as a UK resident. If I start getting contributions from other countries, this website will get more useful and I can drop this caveat (so please contribute if you can).

Another caveat: I am interpreting "prefer not to say" as a non-binary option in both gender and title fields. This might not make you happy, but it's enough for me; ditto fields being optional.

A cravat: A frilly necktie.

Please contribute if you can via the GitHub (either as issues or pull requests) or send a message to


Additional Info

I'll keep this updated whenever I have to pick a title or a gender. If you find this website useful, please tell other people about it if you're comfortable with that, or maybe send me a message on Twitter or email

Mx. Peter Shillito

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