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Loyalty/Points and Discount Cards

Are you loyal enough to be gendered?

Loyalty and discount cards exist solely to track what you buy and build a profile of you in order to market things to you better. In exchange for you giving away your privacy and allowing [Company Name Here] to tie all your purchases down to a specific individual or family, you get coupons/discounts/points/perks/etc. As such, the more info they know about you, the better they can narrow down their marketing to certain groups of people including, you guessed it, gender. Advertising and marketing still relies heavily on gender stereotypes, so signing up to one of these cards and using it may cause some headaches, even if they don't explicitly ask you for a gender. That being said, if you can live with being advertised to directly, the discounts and offers could be useful. So let's get to it!

Nectar Card

Tesco Clubcard

Co-op Membership

Bite Card

Booths Card

Holland & Barrett rewards for life

Greggs Rewards

Boots Card

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